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24-Oct-2017 02:20

“I’d give them a big hug,” explained the Bachelor Nation alum. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and part of that can be hating on me. Those people, in my opinion, just don’t understand that the flag is way bigger than right now. “A lot of it is really bad and not cool and makes me sad, but I think the last time to do it is when we’re supposed to be honoring the one thing that is unifying us.” There is another element that can bring the nation together. You don’t really have a clear plan to make.” In the end, he just wants football to be, well, football.

“Love is the most important thing here,” he told Us. What’s changed since [Colin] Kapernick took a knee a year ago? “Sundays have always been the most segregated day in America,” Taylor added.

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It wasn't just football players making the gesture.But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to say the National Anthem and respect our flag and our country. We’ve cycled around with different things that are good and bad.” Taylor, who told Us he is “pretty conservative,” also noted that an appropriate response varies depending on the situation.