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Don’t miss the chance to see what your favorite Braxton is up to on this one-hour special.

PLUS, We reveal the results of our "Who's Your Favorite Braxton? On Tamar’s advice, the Braxtons fly to Maryland to visit to have a family reunion with their father.

When Evelyn and Traci visit Toni in LA, tensions flare due to Tamar’s newfound fame.

Trina’s marriage is put to the test thanks to her new houseguests, and Toni admits she’s been seeing her ex.

Trina suspects she has a stalker and wants to get a gun, but her sisters object. Trina, Traci and Towanda dish on all the biggest moments from season 4 of Braxton Family Values. Mso Normal Table The sisters meet to work out issues after Tamar’s Atlanta show, but drama escalates.

The sisters spill the tea on never-before seen exclusives, behind the scenes interviews, fan questions and more! Traci’s music video; a Braxton is rushed to the hospital; and Tamar considers a drastic decision about the sisterhood. Tamar is thrown off-guard, and the surprise completely backfires. Sherry try to help the girls work it out, but they only end up fighting more.

After an explosive family dinner, the sisters go on a therapy retreat.

Traci accuses Tamar’s assistant of grabbing her, but Tamar blows up and insists Traci attacked her first. The girls are in NYC for Toni’s Broadway show but tension flares up at Tamar’s birthday party when a guest offends the sisters and Tamar defends him.

Tamar is honored at The Soul Train Awards, and receives Grammy noms. Tamar makes her sisters sign a contract to do an album. Tamar can’t join because she’s promoting her single in NYC.They visit their childhood house but are kicked out by the new owners.Dad doesn’t show up to brunch leaving the sisters devastated. Tamar tries to dissuade Toni from posing for Playboy, even booking a nude shoot for her. After Tamar misses an important family event, she defends herself to the sisters. Parents insist on a counseling session with well-known spiritual advisor Bishop T. Trina goes on her first date since filing for divorce. Sisters are stressed when Mama Evelyn faces major surgery, and Tamar panics when she can’t be there.

Trina stresses over her next court date for her divorce and gets ready for a major fight. Traci’s behavior in Miami concerns family; worries about her drinking. Evelyn pushes the sisters to work out their issues, but they stay silent. Sisters come to LA as Toni gets ready for the Grammy Awards.

Trina tries to reunite Towanda and Tamar, but their feud continues. Toni talks to a biographer about bankruptcies and her biggest regret. Toni realizes there’s tension between Tamar and the other sisters. Trina calls a truce with Gabe for the kids and drops her band to focus on her solo career.

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