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In 1880, they returned to Calcutta, where Margaret remained for the next seven years.

She served as President of the Folklore Society from 1953 to 1955, and published widely over the course of her career.Although most of their lives were spent in the European area of Calcutta, which was walled off from the indigenous sectors of the city, Murray encountered members of indigenous society through her family's employment of 10 Indian servants and through childhood holidays to Mussoorie.The historian Amara Thornton has suggested that Murray's Indian childhood continued to exert an influence over her throughout her life, expressing the view that Murray could be seen as having a hybrid transnational identity that was both British and Indian.In turn, he aided and encouraged her to write her first research paper, "The Descent of Property in the Early Periods of Egyptian History", which was published in the Proceedings of the Society for Biblical Archaeology in 1895.

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In 1898 she was appointed to the position of Junior Lecturer, responsible for teaching the linguistic courses at the Egyptology department; this made her the first female lecturer in archaeology in the United Kingdom.Recognising that British Egyptomania reflected the existence of a widespread public interest in Ancient Egypt, Murray wrote several books on Egyptology targeted at a general audience.